19 Day Mystery Adventure - Twinkles Returns Home Blind


This story was sent in by a Vetwest client who lost her very much loved cat 'Twinkles' but was reunited with her - all thanks to our wonderful team members at Bibra Lake! 

Tonkinese cats Twinkles and her sister Coco (now deceased) were both born in Singapore in August 1995. Their family was transferred to Perth and the cats were quarantined as required for three months, during which time the family had received word that they were again to be moving and would be unable to take the cats with them. Poor Twinkles and Coco were moved to the Cat Haven at the end of the quarantine period in 1996. 

Both cats were adopted by a loving new family and they told us Twinkles’ story:

“Twinkles and Coco were very lovable Tonkinese cats who had never lived outside of an apartment and only drank water from the bathroom hand basin. They became the centre of attention in their new Perth home and their first experience of lawn under foot saw them literally levitate!

In 1999 our little brood increased by one Chihuahua who was instantly adopted by Twinkles. She passively allowed the puppy to play with her without so much as a slap. Twinkles has tolerated the increase of the canines in our family that now number three. The most recent believes Twinkles to be yet another fluffy toy and unbelievably Twinkles’ demeanour has never changed.

On Saturday 10 May 2014 our beautiful blue eyed Twinkles disappeared without a trace. We were distraught but hoped that she may have been picked up as she is a very friendly and pretty cat.
We had to leave for a funeral in Melbourne on the Thursday and then off on holidays that Sunday.  We had a house-sitter that was known to Twinkles and we had hoped that she may wander back in the door. Not so. We arrived home on May 25th and there was still no sign of her. Convinced we would never see Twinkles again, I cleared out her bedding and collected some hair to put in with Coco’s ashes.

On Thursday 29th May, Vetwest Bibra Lake called to say that Twinkles had been brought into the hospital and to our relief she was not injured.  However I soon discovered that her beautiful blue eyes were now big black spheres and Twinkles was blind. How this happened will remain a mystery. 

A lovely lady called Yvette rescued Twinkles after finding her in the laneway of her house in poor condition. She lovingly cared for her for two weeks until we were found and notified. Thankfully Vetwest successfully scanned the chip and managed to track us down.

We are all very grateful to Yvette and to Vetwest Bibra Lake for helping to return Twinkles to us. The dogs gave her a jolly good sniffing over when she came home!

Twinkles has been part of our family for nearly 18 years and we would have been very sad if we had not been able to care for her until the end of her life. She has always been a loving and faithful pet."

Update: “Twinkles is doing very well and has settled back into her routine with the other furry friends at home. I think life is a bit harder now that she is blind, but by and large she is coping really well. Although she is a little less patient with the pup and gives him a bit of slap when he hassles her too much!”

This story reminds us of how important it is to have our pets microchipped.  Effective from 1st November, 2013 new laws in WA mean that cats over six months must be microchipped, registered and sterilised.

To learn more about microchipping and how it can reunite you with your pet, visit our website here.


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