A Hair Raising Adventure For Cassady


Cassady, a happy and very vocal 10 year old Golden Labrador, presented at Vetwest Carine following several weeks of vague intermittent symptoms including lethargy, hind limb weakness, difficulty standing, vomiting and sometimes just not being quite his normal self.

A thorough physical examination by the Veterinarian revealed Cassady to be painful with palpation of his abdomen and spine which was suggestive of spinal arthritis. 

To confirm the diagnosis, x-rays were performed which did reveal that Cassady does have a degree of spinal arthritis (which was likely contributing to his symptoms). However, an additional unexpected finding on x-ray was a 4cm thin metallic object located in his abdominal cavity. 

An x-ray shows the bobby pin lodged in Cassady's abdomen

An exploratory laparotomy was performed to locate the object and remove it. The surgery involved the Veterinarian opening Cassady's abdominal cavity to explore, locate and remove the 'needle-like' object.

The final diagnosis was achieved when the Veterinarian located remnants of a bobby pin. It had penetrated through Cassady's stomach wall and lodged internally  in his abdomen.

Since the successful removal of the bobby pin, together with the commencement of treatment for his arthritis, Cassady has made a full recovery and is back to his normal, bouncy self.

For more information on arthritis visit this link


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