A Special Jacket for Jacko


Little Jacko is a 7 year old Maltese Terrier x whose concerned owner brought him to see us the day after he was attacked by another dog. Jacko was not his usual bright, cheeky self and his owner had noticed a wound on his chest.

Our pets’ hair can easily conceal injuries so it is important to conduct a thorough examination. Our veterinarians clipped Jacko’s chest to assess the true extent of the damage and it soon became evident that he had a large wound from the bite, with large areas of dead skin.

Jacko underwent surgery where all of the necrotic (dead) skin was debrided (cut away) and the healthier areas where possible were stitched together and left for healing. The wound was still very large after surgery and required ongoing treatment.

After several days in hospital Jacko was able to return home to continue his recovery. His family dedicated themselves to cleaning and managing his wound daily, and bringing Jacko to hospital for his regular progress checks.

Jacko's wound is almost healed

Four months later Jacko is looking fantastic and is back to his normal happy self. When he visits the veterinarians and nurses at Vetwest Wanneroo, he enjoys showing off his tricks such as counting, sneezing on command and dancing!

Jacko’s owner is a dressmaker and she made him a fantastic little ‘Jacko Jacket’ to assist with the healing process during his recovery. If any of our clients have a pet in a similar situation, Jacko’s Mum would be more than happy to make another. Please contact the team at Vetwest Wanneroo on 9404 1177 and we will put you in touch.

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