Albie and his pool fence disaster

Albie is a 6 year old Dachshund who was presented to us in March this year after being caught in his pool fence. His owners had come home and found Albie completely stuck between two bars of the pool fence. He had managed to get his shoulders through the bars but could not move any further. At the time Albie had trouble walking for a few minutes after he was released but seemed in general good health and soon recovered. Several days later sores started appearing along his back and over the next week or so they became more widespread and eventually extended from his neck along his back to his tail base.

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Albie was anaesthetised and the extent of the wounds were evaluated. The wounds appeared superficial but the skin was dying off over large sections of his back and were infected. Biopsies were taken and the wounds were debrided and cleaned. Bandaging was placed over the wounds and Albie was started on pain relief and antibiotics. Over the next few weeks Albie's wounds slowly started to improve. He was coming in every three days and was sedated so his wounds could be cleaned, any dead skin removed and bandaging placed over the sores. Slowly the wounds appeared to be healing although Albie would have a scar along his back for the rest of his life.


Six weeks later and Albie is doing well. He has some scarring along is back where the fur has not grown back but he is happy and running around well and there is no pain associated with the scarring. We assume that when Albie was caught in the fence he must have caused some damage to the blood supply along his back which caused the skin to temporarily die off. However there does not appear to be any long term damage to Albie and he still comes into our clinic wagging his tail and happy to see us all.

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