Chandler and Bruce - Bushfire Joeys

Dr Clare Jackson treats Chandler

Chandler and Bruce are two Western Grey kangaroo joeys brought into Vetwest Clarkson during the height of the Bullsbrook bushfires.

Both joeys presented with third degree burns on their back feet, singed fur, sore eyes and symptoms of smoke inhalation. Chandler was the worst affected with first degree burns to his ear tips and face.

Chandler and Bruce were sedated and administered pain relief, then examined by the vet.
It was noted that their fur was singed, eyelids were glued shut, and eyelashes burnt off. There were third degree burns to the back feet of both joeys, and Chandler had hard, charred skin over the pads of both of his feet. After their eyelids were cleaned, the joeys were able to see better and were much brighter.

Joey and Chandler had their feet dressed with a topical antibacterial cream and then bandaged. They were sent home to the wonderful volunteaers at Malubillai Wildlife Carers Network with extra pain medication and booked in for a re-check a few days later.


Many people don't realise that we will be seeing burnt kangaroos for six weeks or more after a fire. They may have burnt, infected feet or other injuries. Locals need to adopt a watch and act when they come across kangaroos who are not running away, hopping in a strange manner or just looking thin and unwell. If you find an injured animal call WildCare on (08) 9474 9055. Available 24/7.

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