Dekoda's change in character due to internal bleeding

Dekoda is a six month old Wolfhound Cross who visited our Vetwest Wanneroo hospital. Dekoda is normally a very bouncy and lively puppy but on the day of her visit she was extremely subdued and quiet.  Her owners were concerned she may have had an altercation in the driveway with the family car the night before but were also concerned she may have eaten something she shouldn't have.



Dr Phil examined Dekoda thoroughly. She was very sore when her abdomen was palpated and he could feel a mass within her abdomen that shouldn't be there. X-rays were taken to help determine if the mass could be further diagnosed, such as a foreign body but they did not serve to locate the cause of the problem further.

By this stage Dr Phil was concerned about Dekoda as she was definitely not her normal bouncy self and due to the abnormal pain in her abdomen, he decided that the best course of action was to take her straight to surgery. Given Dekoda's potential injuries she was given IV fluids (a drip) and was anaesthetised.  Dr Phil immediately noticed there was a noticeable amount of blood in her belly. He also found a large haematoma which contained part of her kidney. This confirmed the likelihood that she was run over by a car.

Dekoda with her owners

The left kidney was ruptured and had been torn from the vessels and connective tissue which normally hold it in place. After the kidney fragment was removed Dekoda continued to bleed and it was up to Dr Phil to find out why.  He was able to find the remaining section of the kidney which was removed and then sutured the surrounding tissue to contain the bleeding. Due to the amount of bleeding that had occurred Dr Phil then gave her a plasma transfusion and her abdomen wound was sutured (stitched up).  Given the severity of her injuries and blood loss Dr Phil was not sure how she would recover and gave her owners a guarded prognosis.

The next morning, Dekoda was back to her normal bouncy self.  She was hungry and ate all of her breakfast! Dekoda's owners were given instructions for strict rest over the next weeks.

We are happy to report her recovery is going very well, and she has already had her sutures removed.



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