Dog Bite Recovery for Stella


Stella the 9-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross was recently rushed into Vetwest Yokine after sustaining some severe dog bites from a dog that was being fostered with her at her home.

On examination by Dr. Fran, Stella was found to have extensive lacerations to the right side of her chest, the largest of which was approximately 10cm in length. Stella was immediately administered pain relief and antibiotics and then taken into surgery to have the wounds sutured. It was discussed that Stella may require further surgery in the days to follow, which is common after traumatic dog bite wounds.

Stella was recovering well from her surgery but 4 days later when we saw her back for her recheck appointment it became apparent that the skin over the wounds would not survive and there was a nasty infection developing. Stella then required a further two surgeries. Our clinical team had to remove the dead areas of skin leaving Stella with a large open wound that needed to be re-bandaged daily.


We also needed to get on top of her infection and the next step was getting Stella assessed by one of our highly experienced surgical vets at Vetwest Whitfords to have reconstructive surgery done on the dog bite wounds. Stella required a long course of antibiotics, pain relief and bandage changes every 2-4 days for 2 weeks after her 3rd and final surgery but in the end made a fantastic recovery.

Stella was so very brave throughout her ordeal and luckily does not appear to have become fearful of other dogs because of the dog attack. In fact, a few weeks after the dog attack she was able to play nicely with other dogs again!

Coming into the warmer months many people are out and about with their dogs at beaches and parks. As this occurs, it is worthwhile to be mindful of the other dogs that are around and the way your own pet is interacting with them.


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