Fixing Frank's Squint


Frank, an 18 month old Dogue de Bordeux presented to Vetwest Currambine after his owner noticed he was squinting in one eye.  Veterinary examination revealed that Frank had an ulcer on his cornea (clear surface of the eye) which may have been as a result of trauma to the eye, foreign body in the eye, an underlying medical condition, or excessive skin folds on his eyelid causing eyelashes to rub on his eye – a condition known as entropian (see diagram below).

Frank’s management plan required treatment of the immediate condition with antibiotic eye drops, with ongoing monitoring for any indication of the ulcer occurring again.

Two months later Frank’s ulcer recurred.  Entropian was confirmed and the next stage of Frank’s treatment was scheduled – corrective surgery. 

Entropian surgery involves the removal of a section of skin from below and above the eye to allow the eyelids to achieve a normal position, with the eyelashes no longer rubbing on the surface of the eye.

Since his entropian surgery, Frank is much more comfortable in his everyday life.  The corrected positioning of his eyelids has resolved his eye irritation and enabled the second ulcer to heal with no further recurrences.

In Entropian cases, excessive skin folds on the eyelid cause eyelashes to rub on the eye. In Ectropian cases the eyelashes and lid turns outwards

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