Gilmour has a taste for sparkly things

Gilmour, an 11 month old Maine Coon cat, has a taste for sparkly things. Gilmour was snuggling on the couch with his owner, Sarah, who took off her diamond ring and placed it next to her. Later, when Sarah went to put her ring back on, she discovered it was missing. Very concerned that Gilmour may have eaten it, Sarah rushed him into Vetwest Whitfords.

Gilmour was admitted into the hospital for radiographs to establish if he had eaten the ring. And sure enough he had! As Gilmour had recently ingested the ring, he was given an injection to make him vomit. When animals have eaten something they should not have, this sometimes works to remove the foreign body or the toxic substance. Unfortunately, in Gilmour's case it emptied his stomach of the food, but not the ring. Gilmour was not showing any signs of discomfort, so it was decided to leave him until the following day to see if the ring would pass through his digestive tract normally. As he was not allowed to have anything to eat, Gilmour was placed on intravenous fluids to stop him from becoming dehydrated.
The next day, another radiograph was taken and this showed the ring was still in Gilmour's stomach. He would need surgery to remove it. A veterinarian performed a gastrotomy and removed the ring from Gilmour's stomach. After having major abdominal surgery, he was not allowed to eat for a further 12 to 24 hours to allow the stomach wall time to begin the healing process. The following day, Gilmour was given a small amount of a bland diet. In addition, he was watched closely to make sure he did not show any signs of discomfort. 

Over the next few days, Gilmour was kept in hospital for monitoring, to ensure he was comfortable and eating properly, before he was discharged. His owner, Sarah now has her ring safely back on her finger and Gilmour is happily playing with his brother at home.

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