Gonzo the bird lost and found again

On Christmas Eve, a member of the public brought a white bird with a nasty looking beak into Vetwest Yokine. A health check by the vet showed we had a lovely, friendly long-billed Corella that was suffering from starvation. He was very thin and in need of a wash.

We noticed that he seemed comfortable with being handled, and therefore suspected he was a lost pet bird. Birds that are raised in captivity and are used to being fed will often not survive in the wild as they do not know how to look for food for themselves and will soon starve. Luckily for Gonzo, he was found before this could happen to him.

During the busy festive period, Gonzo was looked after by a carer who fed him and gave him plenty of TLC. With a few baths to help with the heat and plenty of good healthy food, Gonzo soon recovered and was very happy and cheeky.

Shortly after Christmas, we managed to track down Gonzo's owners through the Vetwest Lost and Found program. Gonzo and his owner were very pleased to be reunited and now he is back safely in his aviary. Gonzo had managed to sneak out when the aviary door was open for just a moment during cleaning. We can be sure that he will not be given a chance to repeat his escape, although he was very lucky this time!

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