Harley's sneaky BBQ treat ends in surgery!

Harley is a little puppy with an all too common problem. When he came in to see us he wasn't his usual self and was having problems eating. When he did manage to eat a meal he would just vomit it back up.

Before these changes, Harley had recently decided to steal a cooked chop bone and swallow it whole before some one could take it away from him. Given his symptoms it was suspected that Harley's treat had become trapped in his intestines.
harley dog bone xray
We certainly didn't expect to see one big bone sitting in his stomach shown in the radiograph (pictured). In fact, the bone turned out to be 12cm long, about twice the length of his neck and just barely able to fit in his very over-stretched stomach.
harley dog bone surgery
There was no way that he would be able digest or bring this bone back out. We were also concerned the bone could be sharp and cause damage to his intestines. That meant we had to surgically remove it.

The surgery was performed under the care of our experienced and trained veterinary team. We were extremely happy with the results and Harley was soon back to his normal self.

Not all bones are bad for dogs, in fact we recommend feeding bones to dogs on a regular basis to help keep their teeth clean. However, we recommend RAW bones, bigger than a dog's head, that can't be swallowed such as large marrow bones (dinosaur bones). Even a large piece of raw bone swallowed whole has the potential cause problems. Read more about caring for your pet's teeth and gums and giving bones here



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