Hidden dangers in the household

When we leave things lying around the house, sometimes we forget how curious our four-legged friends can be. During the month of July, two of our patients' curiosity resulted in a visit to Vetwest Yokine. One patient discovered that just because it smells of fish doesn't mean a fish hook is tasty. Another patient found out the hard way after ingesting a common human medication (Nurofen) that this medication, amongst others such as Paracetamol and Aspirin, are highly toxic to both dogs and cats.

Minus arrived at Vetwest Yokine with a three-barbed fish hook embedded in her nose. Although it was simple to get the hook stuck, the removal of it was much more complicated and required her to be anaesthetised in order to remove it. These experiences reminds us of the importance of keeping all hazardous objects, including chemicals and sharp ones, stored away out of your pet's reach.
Our other patient who was admitted to us had ingested almost a whole bottle of Nurofen. The tablets had been stored on a bedside table, providing easy access for an inquisitive canine. His owner made the phone call to us, unaware of the potential danger her pet was in. Nikki, our veterinary nurse on duty, was quick to respond to the situation and advised the importance of bringing her dog in for immediate assessment and treatment. First aid for this particular toxin involves inducing vomiting in order to expel the drug from the stomach. Following further supportive treatment which included intravenous fluid therapy, the patient made a full recovery.


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