Itchy and scratchy

Brock, like many dogs, has a problem with itchiness. At certain times of the year, he chews his feet, scratches at his armpits and drags his belly on the grass and carpet. Brock has atopy, a very common hay fever like condition affecting the skin. This is a problem that his owner, with the help of the veterinarian, has learnt to manage. His management plan prevents his itch becoming a problem.

This spring, however, something was different. Brock's itch started again as it often does but would not respond to his normal management. His skin looked just as it always did but his itch just would not stop. A trip to his vet at Vetwest Carine to review his management was needed. Some tests were performed on his skin and the results revealed a bacterial infection. This had made his existing allergic itch much worse but antibiotics were given to Brock to control the infection.

Ten days later Brock was back on track, his itch being controlled by his normal management.

Allergic dermatitis is a very common problem in Perth. Common signs are licking of the feet, ear infections and scratching of their belly. There are several causes of allergic dermatitis which should be investigated promptly to allow better control of the symptoms.

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