Mango's infected kidneys

Mango is a 5 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback who is much loved by her owner Marty. Out of the blue, Mango became very sick and lethargic so Marty rushed her to Vetwest Carine to have a veterinary check up. On examination, Mango was found to be dehydrated and very painful when her abdomen was palpated. She was admitted to hospital and the Vetwest team immediately started her on intravenous fluid therapy to combat the dehydration. Blood and urine tests were performed and x-rays were taken. The results indicated that Mango had a severe infection.


We performed emergency surgery on Mango and found that she had a severe infection in both her kidneys (pyelonephritis). A biopsy of one kidney was taken during surgery to confirm this diagnosis via pathology testing. A urine sample was also collected at surgery and cultured to determine the specific bacteria involved and what antibiotics the bacteria would respond to.

Pyelonephritis is a rare but severe complication from a bladder infection, which can occur relatively frequently in dogs and cats. The signs of bladder or urinary tract infections are sometimes subtle and can be easy to miss. They can include frequent and small urinations, straining or painful urination or blood in the urine. A physical examination and urine testing is required to diagnose this condition.


After her surgery, Mango spent the next five days in hospital recovering from her illness. She required fluid therapy and antibiotics, and lots of TLC from our compassionate and patient nurses to get her eating again as she had lost her appetite.

Two weeks on and we are happy to report that Mango is well on the way to recovery. She is one very lucky girl who has a very committed and loving owner!

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