Maxwell's Diabetes Dilemma


Maxwell is a14 year old cat and a gorgeous gentle giant.

3 months ago Maxwell’s owners brought him into Vetwest because they were worried he was drinking more than usual. After giving Maxwell a health check and running a blood and urine test we discovered that Maxwell had diabetes.

The next step for Maxwell was starting treatment right away. He spent the day with Vetwest Bibra Lake and we monitored his blood glucose levels throughout the day and started him on insulin injections.

Maxwell’s owners had to continue to give him insulin twice a day for the upcoming months. He responded well to the treatment and started to improve right away.

We then saw Maxwell every 3-4 weeks for the upcoming months to monitor his blood glucose levels. He continued to show better results each time he came to see us. By the start of June Maxwell was showing signs of remission which was super exciting for his owners and the team at Vetwest Bibra Lake looking after him.

Sandra, Maxwell’s owner had this to share:

“Maxwell Rosser has been in our family for 14years. He has regular check-ups with the vet and I thought he was a very healthy, happy cat. Then about 3 months ago I noticed he was drinking a lot of water, more than usual. Having diabetes in the (human) family and knowing the signs, we took Maxwell straight to Vetwest, and sure enough, I was right. Damn.

We sat down with one of the Vets Udi, and he explained to us how to manage Max’s condition and that it would be a commitment for us to treat him at home as well as with Vetwest treating him.

We decided to give it our best shot not only for Max but for our family too. Our pets are members of our family and they give us so much joy.

I didn’t like the thought of giving Maxwell needles twice a day, though Udi assured me it would be easy. Vetwest helped me overcome my dislike of needles and we had a practice in the surgery under Udi’s supervision. I drew up the solution and it was easy, and now we are old hands at giving Max his insulin.

Our treatment at home involved administrating insulin twice daily, taking urine samples every fortnight, changing his diet and dropping him into Vetwest so they could run in-house tests, and observe him for any changes. It helped that he is such a placid cat.

The Bibra Lake team, also known as “Team Max”, would get so excited when Max’s sugar readings continued to come down. We have all worked together and I am happy to say Max is in remission.

Go Team Maxwell.”


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