Mogwai the Pug's very lucky day!

Mogwai is one of the luckiest Pugs in the world. The day she was due to be euthanased at a Perth shelter, her now owners, the Deighton family took her into their home to give her another chance in life. And... that's not the only lucky thing that happened, Mogwai's new parents noticed that she was having trouble urinating and were concerned there was a problem.

Fortunately for Mogwai they made no delay in bringing her to our Whitford's clinic to see us. Dr Wayne completed a physical examination and discovered something unusual in the bladder. He suspected a bladder stone. X-rays as shown below confirmed his suspicions, Mogwai had a very impressive bladder stone which would require surgery to remove it. This procedure is called a cystotomy. If left untreated, it would continue to irritate the bladder, which would be prone to bacterial infections (cystitis), which can be quite painful. In an extreme case the stone could cause a complete blockage meaning Mogwai would not be able to urinate and she would be in significant pain.

In the meantime Mogwai was given a course of antibiotics and prescribed a specially formulated diet, Hills Canine C/d. This diet assists by dissolving the stone, and in this case would only provide temporary assistance for the problem.

X-ray clearly showing the stone

During Dr Wayne's initial physical examination he also noticed that Mogwai's teeth were in very poor health. To prevent further problems he recommended that we undertake some dentistry work whilst she was under an anaesthetic.

That wasn't the last of her problems; Mogwai had previously suffered from a bad flea infestation which had caused a secondary infection. Mogwai's parents were given a medicated shampoo to bathe her in which would help provide relief. The antibiotics would also help to clear the infection.

Feeling at home
Surgery was completed by Vetwest veterinary surgeon Dr Aaron just a few days later. The massive stone was removed as well as two badly decayed teeth, and the remainder of her teeth were scaled and polish to minimise further plaque build-up. On returning home Mogwai continued taking her antibiotics as well as her Hills C/d diet.

Mogwai has since been back into see us and her parents tell us she is very happy and bright and a completely different dog to the one they first brought home.





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