Moose and his inquisitive diet


Moose is a 3yr 10 month old Devon Rex boy with a very inquisitive nature. In July this year, his owners had noticed he was quiet and not himself. As a totally indoors cat his mum and dad could not work out why he was suddenly so unwell and so was brought into Vetwest Whitfords for assessment. He was examined by one of our veterinarians who found that his stomach was abnormally enlarged, firm and irregular in shape. As there were a few possible causes for this abnormality, an abdominal ultrasound was recommended. This confirmed his stomach was full of material consistent with fabric or wool and exploratory surgery was recommended.

Moose had a blood test performed in our in-house laboratory. This confirmed that he was in good health and ready to undertake general anaesthesia. He was placed on an IV drip to support his blood pressure through the surgery. Moose was prepped for theatre and his abdomen clipped of all hair. Dr Stephen performed an exploratory surgery of his abdomen. Much to everyone’s surprise, we found a stomach full of hair elastics, elastic bands, blind cord and other material! Dr Stephen performed a gastrostomy (incision into the stomach) and carefully removed all of this material. He recovered very well from his anaesthetic with one of our veterinary nurses monitoring him closely.


Moose was kept in hospital for 48 hours after his surgery to ensure he was able to eat and drink normally and was comfortable. He was then discharged for continued convalescence at home. After a week of confinement at home, Moose returned for his post-operative checkup. All was well so he was able to return to normal activity. His mum and dad now are very careful to ensure young Moose does not have the opportunity to eat anything other than his normal cat food.  

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