Mutu's close call

In November, eight month old Mutu, a domestic short haired cat, was brought in to Vetwest Animal Hospitals Wanneroo with the suspicion that he had been hit by a car. He was feeling very sore with marked bruising around one eye and was unable to put weight on his right back leg. Mutu was admitted to hospital immediately to be given pain relief, antibiotics and for further investigation of his injuries.

Once stable, Mutu was sedated and numerous radiographs were taken of the areas of concern. These radiographs revealed a very complicated fracture through his hock (ankle) that would require extensive orthopaedic surgery to repair, but unfortunately with no guarantee of a successful outcome due to the severity of the injury. At the time, the best option for Mutu was not looking good.

The Vetwest veterinarians gave Mutu's situation further consideration and discussed the options with the owners. Together they decided that the best option for Mutu was amputation. With that decision, Mutu was placed on intravenous fluids and underwent surgery to remove his right hind leg.

Mutu's recovery from the surgery was good and he rested for the next two weeks. When he returned to the clinic to have his sutures taken out, Mutu was well recovered from his operation and had been getting used to moving around on three legs. He was now even managing to jump up on to the couch!

Although amputation was the last resort for Mutu, feline patients have been found to adapt well if they need to undergo amputation of a limb, and go on to live very full and happy lives.

Mutu's good left legMutu's fractured right leg
(compare the red spot area with the good leg)



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