Patient of the Month - Busby

Busby, a young Shar Pei, was first seen at Vetwest Wanneroo after his owners noticed he was lacking in energy, depressed, and drinking more water than usual.


Following examination, the Veterinarian was very concerned about Busby, immediately collecting a blood and urine sample to perform diagnostics.  The tests determined that Busby was in acute renal (kidney) failure and treatment commenced.  

Due to the seriousness of his condition, Busby required intensive treatment with intravenous fluids, and ongoing monitoring, including measuring his urine output (an indicator of kidney function). 

With dedication from both Busby’s owners and the veterinary teams, his care continued for a further 3 weeks during which time he slowly showed improvement.  Once he had made a full recovery, Busby was able to return home to his loving family.

Acute renal (kidney) failure can have many underlying causes from toxins, poor blood perfusion to the kidney, drug interactions, genetic predispositions, and foods such as grapes in some dogs.  In Busby’s case the underlying cause was never able to be identified.

Busby would like to thank his family for visiting twice a day during his long stay in hospital – he really enjoyed his walks and time with them.

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