Patient of the Month - Millie

Millie, a lovely 10 year old Shih Tzu, visited Vetwest Wanneroo after her owners noticed she was struggling to urinate, with blood in the urine she was able to pass.  As Millie had previously had surgery to remove bladder stones (uroliths), her owners were concerned that these may have developed again.


During Millie’s examination, the Veterinarian palpated her abdomen and was able to feel something ‘hard’ inside her bladder. 

To investigate further, a urine sample was collected to test for urinary crystals and blood cells, and an abdominal x-ray (see photo) was taken.  The x-ray revealed that Millie did again have two large uroliths inside her bladder.  The only way to remove uroliths this large is to perform a cystotomy – a procedure where an incision is made directly in to the bladder to physically remove the uroliths. 

Millie's xray showing bladder stones (uroliths)









Millie’s surgery was immediately scheduled and went very well, with the two large uroliths  located and removed. 


Millie's bladder stones were removed during surgery






Millie in hospital




Following recovery from her surgery, and once it was certain that she was urinating freely, Millie was discharged from hospital. 

To reduce the potential for a further recurrence, Millie’s diet is now a special ‘urinary’ diet which will reduce the potential for reformation of more uroliths.

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