Ruby miraculously survives horrific car accident

Ruby is a 6 month old Staffordshire bull terrier who presented one evening to Vetwest Wanneroo after being run over by a car and dragged along the road. Ruby was conscious when she arrived but had sustained severe injuries to the left side of her face and along her body. One of the most concerning injuries was to her left eye which was fully exposed as the skin around her eyelids had come away and she could not blink properly. There was also some concern whether she would be able to keep the eye or whether the eye was too badly damaged - only time would tell.

Our first action with Ruby was to make her feel more comfortable and treat any signs of shock - she was immediately given pain relief and started on intravenous fluids. Once stabilised, Ruby was anaesthetised to thoroughly evaluate the full extent of her injuries: she had sustained severe grazing to the left side of her face extending from her ear to her nose; her lower eyelid had been severely damaged and her teeth were chipped. She also had cuts and grazes over the rest of her body. Remarkably though, despite all these wounds, Ruby did not appear to have any major injuries or fractures even to the fine bones around her face.
While under anaesthetic, Ruby's wounds were carefully but methodically flushed and cleaned. Bandages were stitched in place over her face to keep these wounds moist, clean and free of further contamination. Her eye was also covered to ensure it did not dry out as she no longer had a lower eyelid to help protect her eye.

Ruby stayed in hospital for observation and medical treatment until we were happy that she could be comfortably sent home and attended to by her worried owners. Ruby needed to return to the hospital every 2-3 days to be sedated, have her wounds cleaned and the bandages reapplied.

After 10 days of this intensive nursing care, Ruby's wounds are healing well and her eye appears to be doing very well also. As her wounds continue to heal we know Ruby is feeling more comfortable with each day as she becomes brighter and happier and more challenging to keep still as we clean her wounds - acting more like her true Staffy self once again.

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