Rusty's gall bladder crisis

Rusty is a 12 year old diabetic Maltese X who was brought into Vetwest by his owners because he was shaking, vomiting and not interested in food. Rusty was admitted to hospital, placed on intravenous fluids and blood was taken to help find out why Rusty was showing these signs. Naturally it can be very serious for any animal if they are not able to eat and drink, but can be potentially life-threatening in the case of a diabetic patient.


Blood tests indicated Rusty potentially had a liver problem, and an abdominal ultrasound was subsequently performed. The ultrasound revealed a severe accumulation of mucous in Rusty's gall bladder, which had ruptured causing severe inflammation in his abdomen.

After discussing Rusty's condition and prognosis with the vets, his owners decided to give him every chance and elected to go ahead with surgery to remove his gall bladder. Rusty underwent an exploratory laparotomy during which his gall bladder was removed and the toxic fluid was flushed out of his abdomen. After four more days of post-operative intensive care and hospitalisation Rusty was finally able to be released from hospital and return home to his very happy and relieved owners.


Six weeks after Rusty's surgery, his diabetes is almost stabilised again and he has gained a kilo of weight since his gall bladder crisis. He is a little fighter and he beat the odds!

All of our Vetwest hospitals have on-site laboratory blood machines which enable us to run blood tests immediately to obtain important results which may help the vets to diagnose a pet's condition. We are fortunate to also have an ultrasound machine which was paramount in helping to diagnose Rusty's condition.

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