Second Chance After Snake Bite


Our patient of the Month this month comes from our cat adoption programme and shows that cats are made to survive many obstacles.

Raphael was brought in to our Bibra Lake clinic late one Friday afternoon completely collapsed, paralysed and poorly responsive. He had a swelling to the right side of his mouth with a lesion that looked suspiciously like a snake bite. The area still had some fluid oozing from it which was suspected to be venom.

Raphael was examined and he otherwise appeared to be a young and healthy entire male cat.

He was settled in hospital and placed on intravenous fluids for the night.  Cats can do well following a snake bite if given the correct supportive care in a vet hospital - including intravenous fluids, nutritional support and thorough nursing care – and so it was decided to give him a chance.


The following day Raphael was much the same. The team were keen to provide the best care possible, so a call was put out to track down any close to date anti-venom among the other Vetwest hospitals. A vial of combination tiger/brown snake anti-venom was located and transferred to Vetwest Bibra Lake, where it was administered to Raphael.

By the following morning Raphael had improved noticeably. He was able to gently prop himself into a sitting position and his swallow response was returning. He was offered small amounts of food and started eating with gusto. By Monday morning the staff were able to see great improvement and our lucky stray was bright, happy, using his litter box and eating well. Raphael was removed from the intravenous fluids and over the next couple of days monitored closely. His personality started to shine through and soon all the staff fell in love with this very lucky little guy. He is confident and affectionate and has a very lovable personality.

Raphael had no identification collars or tags and so was thoroughly scanned for an existing microchip.


Attempts were also made to locate an owner by checking our lost and found register and contacting the local council. As no previous owners were able to be located for Raphael and without a microchip, he officially entered the Vetwest Animal Hospitals adoption program and received his name.  Raphael had a screening blood and urine test to make sure his kidneys were not negatively affected by the snake bite.  Having been given the all clear, he has subsequently been sterilised and microchipped and is currently waiting to find his new Forever Home.

If you are interested in meeting Raphael to see if he might be the right fit for your family and home, please contact Vetwest Bibra Lake on 9404 1188.

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