Slippery Carlos visits Currambine

It's not often we get a visit from a slippery kind like Carlos the Carpet Python. Carlos had been off his food and his owner decided to bring him to Vetwest Currambine for an examination. Most of Carlos' problems were due to the environment in which he was being kept (also known as husbandry). Although exotic and unusual pets are becoming more popular they can be quite difficult pets to look after properly, with most of their medical problems being due to poor husbandry.

Different exotic animals require different methods of housing, even to the point where one species of snake needs to be kept at a different temperature to another species. Items such as lighting, food and the type of flooring can also play a role in appropriately looking after an exotic species. It is therefore very important that you know the exact requirements for your pet before purchase, and have a knowledgeable and reliable source of information to help provide the ideal environment for them to live in.
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