Steve Gets Hooked


We are proud of our history of finding new homes for orphaned pets and proud to place many orphans, particularly kittens and cats in homes every year with the help of dedicated cat lovers and new pet owners around Perth.

Steve first came to us in a litter of 5 at Vetwest Wanneroo through the Vetwest Cat Adoption Program in June 2015. He was only a month old and came to us in need of a loving home wanting to spend the rest of his life with his new family.

His new owners were looking for a furry addition to their family and absolutely fell in love with Steve when they found him.

As part of the Vetwest Cat Adoption Program Steve was sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped, tested for FIV/FeLV and received his worming treatments and flea prevention prior to being adopted and going to his new home.


Steve immediately became a very special member of his new family settling in well and loving all the attention and cuddles from his new family.

Only a month later, he was rushed back into Vetwest Wanneroo when his owners found him with a fish hook stuck through his lip. Fish hooks have barbs on them which means that you are unable to pull the hook out without causing significant damage. Steve was immediately admitted to hospital and sedated which allowed our vet to cut the hook in two and remove it safely from his lip without causing any further damage. Steve stayed under the care of our nurses for a couple of hours after his procedure to ensure he recovered well from his sedation. He was sent home with a short course of antibiotics to make sure that no infection developed.

Steve was very lucky that his owners found him when they did and were able to bring him in so promptly. Luckily he didn't swallow the hook and was able to completely recover.


The next day his owners were very relieved to see Steve back to his normal, playful, happy self. His owners have made sure that all the fishing gear is now kept well out of reach.

It’s very common for cats and dogs to end up with fish hook injuries. Pieces of bait left on the hooks can come across as a tasty treat to cats and dogs. So if you have fisherman in the family, keep this in mind for your pets.

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