Tessa the Staffie Cross - feeling young again!

Tessa is a 14 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross who came to us with some very vague symptoms. Her owners simply described her as tired and unwell. An examination quickly revealed the cause. She had a lump or growth inside her abdomen the size of a rock melon. This was a very serious finding as this could be a cancer and it could have spread. Veterinarian, Dr Greg promised that an operation, if successful, could return her to how she was 6 months ago. Tessa's owners didn't hesitate; if Tessa could be saved then they would try.

The big day arrived. Mum and Dad said what could be one of their last goodbyes. The team began with x-rays of Tessa's chest to check for any spread of cancer. If it had spread there was little that could be done.
Fortunately, the x-rays were all clear and after a phone call to Mum and Dad, Tessa was off to theatre for her operation. With a nurse monitoring her anaesthetic and another assisting the surgeon, Tessa's operation began. A growth was found in her spleen that measured 14 cm across. Unfortunately for Tessa there was possible evidence of spread with a small nodule and a small lump found nearby. This and the spleen were removed and samples were sent to the pathology laboratory for testing. Tessa's operation had taken two hours and she had been asleep for three hours in total. It was now time for her to recover under the watchful eye of our veterinary team.

Tessa spent five days in hospital resting and regaining her strength, with regular visits from her Mum and Dad. During this time her test results arrived and showed the growth in her spleen was a cancer but the small lump nearby was not. Thus there was no evidence the cancer had spread.

Tessa was discharged for plenty of TLC at home. At her last check-up to the delight of her veterinary team at Vetwest, her dad declared, "You promised us she would be six months younger. She's six years younger!"


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