Tomo's Bladder Bother


Tomo, a very handsome domestic medium haired cat has been a healthy boy most of his life until recently when he was brought in to Vetwest because he was quieter than normal and was not wanting to eat his food.  Examination by our Veterinarian found that poor Tomo had a full, painful bladder that he was not able to empty himself and a lower urinary tract obstruction was diagnosed.

Tomo was admitted immediately into hospital for emergency care with intravenous fluids, pain relief and placement of a urinary catheter to allow drainage of his bladder. A sample of Tomo’s urine was sent to a laboratory for analysis, which showed that he did not have a urinary tract infection or any bladder stones as the cause of his obstruction. After several days of treatment and care by our veterinary care team, Tomo’s urinary catheter was removed and he was able to return home.

Lower urinary tract disease and obstruction is a common problem in cats, and as with Tomo’s case, this condition is not usually associated with infection or bladder stones. Unfortunately a lot of the underlying causes of this very serious problem are not well understood.

Often cats that develop lower urinary tract obstruction show signs of:-

  • straining to urinate, 
  • spending more time in the litter box, 
  • urinating outside of the litter box, or 
  • vocalizing when urinating. 

An inability to pass urine properly is always considered to be an emergency requiring immediate veterinary attention. If your cat is suffering from any of these signs or if you are concerned about your pet, please contact us. 

The great news is Tomo came back to Vetwest Canning Vale last week for a recheck on his recovery progress. Our veterinary care team were very pleased to see him stroll in on his cat lead, looking his normal happy self again.

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