Tongue tied Bella - a real surprise!

Total Wellness Plan member Bella the Border Collie Cross recently visited us for a more unusual reason. It was a big surprise to see her walk in the door with a brightly coloured chew toy stuck to her tongue. Her worried owner was quick enough to bring her into the hospital before too much injury was sustained. After a light sedation our veterinarian was able to remove the toy from Bella's tongue. To help relieve any pain caused by a very red and inflammed tongue, Bella was sent home with pain relief and antibiotics to help prevent infection. With lots of care and careful eating and drinking Bella will no doubt be more cautious of her beloved chew toy.

Poor Bella somehow got her tongue stuck in the little hole of her kong chewy toy.
Once Bella was sedated, our vet examined Bella's tongue that was stuck in the kong toy.


Our vet carefully removed Bella's tongue from the toy.
At last!
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