Caring for the pets of Western Australia

Caring for the pets of Western Australia

Vetwest have been Perth's local vets for over 25 years. We exist today because thousands of WA pet owners have been delighted with the compassion we provide to them and the care we provide to their companions. Our team is made up of people that truly love animals, and have dedicated their working careers to veterinary medicine.

We have purpose-built facilities with an extensive range of diagnostic equipment and are committed to continuous improvement, namely the medical treatment and care of pets, the working conditions of our team, the service we provide to our clients, and promoting responsible pet ownership in the community.

We do all of this by implementing the "Vetwest standards of care."

What difference does practicing "standards of care" make to your pet?

Advanced pain relief regimes - Your pet can't tell us how they are feeling so pain relief management is a priority in our approach to treatment. Advanced regimes also mean your pet heals quickly and enjoys a painless recovery, particularly after surgery.

Provide optimal patient monitoring - so you can be reassured your pet will be safe as they will be continually monitored by a trained nurse and/or veterinarian. This also means your pet will not sit in soiled bedding, medications are given on time, feeding regimes are maintained and your pet is carefully monitored before, during and after any surgery or procedure. We also use specialised equipment to monitor your pet during surgery; checking oxygen levels, heart rate and respiratory rate as a minimum standard.

Sterile surgery - just like a human hospital we autoclave all instruments and gowns before every surgery to reduce the risks of sterility related complications to your pet.

Approach to anaesthetic - We tailor individual anaesthetic programs based on a pet's age, breed, and current health status both to reduce the risks of anaesthetic and promote faster recovery.

Premium vaccines - so you can be assured your pet receives the optimal protection available.

Extensive team training - We are dedicated to induction and ongoing training of our vets and nurses. To maintain our high level of care our team are competency tested on a regular basis and are encouraged and supported to undertake external further education.

Policies - Our written policies and procedures mean our approach to patient care, medicine and customer care is consistent; and are updated in line with the latest advances in veterinary medicine.

Providing a choice of veterinarian - by engaging a number of veterinarians we are able to offer a unique service whereby pet owners (or pets) can choose their vet. So if you have a pet with special needs or prefers a certain veterinarian, we will be able to make your pet's experience more enjoyable, and your visit less stressful. All you need to do is ask for your preferred veterinarian when you make an appointment or discuss any special needs your pet has with our friendly nursing team.

Extended opening hours - most of our hospitals are open 7 days a week, with extended opening hours until 7 pm every weeknight. This means if you are concerned about your pet at a more unusual time of the week, in most cases your pet will be able to see a vet.

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