How to Become a Member

Becoming a member is easy

Choose from one of three simple steps...

There are three easy way to join Total Wellness Plan.

1. Drop into see us

If you bring your cat or dog in we can also weigh him/her to make sure we send the correct flea/ heartworm and worming treatment pack size. 

2. Join over the phone

If you know your pet's weight, we can set up your cat or dog's Total Wellness Plan membership over the phone. If you are an existing client and your pet has been into see us previously we will have your pet's weight recorded on our system. So you can just call your local Vetwest Animal Hospital us and we can sign your pet up over the phone. Payment by credit card, such as Visa Card or Mastercard will be requested at this time.

During the joining process we will also ask you specific questions such as your pet's due date for vaccination, heartworm, flea treatment and worming. If you have a record of these dates, it's a great idea to have them handy before you call us.  If you don't know these dates our team can advise the most suitable treatment dates. Alternatively if your pet has been to see us previously, we can review these dates on our system.

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3. Join now 

If you complete the form below we will contact you, at a time convenient to you to complete the full enrolment process.

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