5 Essential Tips for Cat Boarding

The holidays are here, are you planning a trip away without your furry friend? To ensure that you have a worry-free holiday, here are a few important things to check when looking for suitable boarding for your cat.

1. Visit the facility and meet the staff

It's important to visit the cattery and inspect it for yourself. If the boarding facility won’t allow you to inspect their premises then this may raise some red flags.

  • Make sure the facilities are clean and spacious. Choose a cattery where you feel comfortable with the level of hygiene and care that your pet will receive.
  • Check arrangements for boarding cats from the same family. Will they be able to share the same accommodation?
  • Does the cattery offer suitable accommodation for both short and long term stays? (We recommend a larger space for cats staying long term with us)
  • What level of training have their staff have received? Make sure your cat is in good hands with staff who are trained to manage and care for cats in a boarding facility.

2. Medical Emergencies & Medical Treatment

Probably the most important questions to ask when visiting a cat or dog boarding facility are about their handling of medical emergencies.
  • What protocols and procedures does the facility have in place to manage medical emergencies?
  • Most catteries have a relationship with a vet that is in close proximity to the facility. Some facilities may even have a vet on site.  At Cats in the City, your cat will always be in the care of our Vetwest healthcare professionals.
  • Are the staff at the facility trained in pet first aid?
  • How will costs be managed for medical treatment?
  • If your cat is on medication or needs treatment during its stay at the cattery, are they able to provide adequate medical care?
  • Ensure your cat’s vaccinations are up to date and bring the vaccination record on the day you drop your pet off. We recommend you check your cat’s vaccination status well in advance with your vet to make sure it’s up to date and your cat will be accepted in the boarding facility.

3. Enclosures and play areas

When you visit the cat boarding facility make sure they are safe and clean.
  • How often do the enclosures get cleaned?
  • Are there any unpleasant or abnormal aromas present?
  • Is bedding provided and is it clean and dry? Can you bring your pet’s own bedding and toys to help them settle in to the new environment?
  • Are the enclosures climate controlled?
  • Is the enclosure safe and secure? Ensure there is nowhere your pet could hurt itself or escape.
  • Does the enclosure have enough space to allow your cat to turn around, move, stretch, and fully rest? Your cat should be boarded in an enclosure by itself and not be left alone with unfamiliar cats in the same enclosure (unless they live in the same household and are used to spending time together in small confined areas).
  • Are cats housed away from dogs? Make sure dogs can't access the cat boarding area.
  • How will the facility identify your pet? Make sure your pet's microchip is up to date and your cat has a collar with ID and contact details.
  • The play area should be clean and a good size.
  • Is the play area enriched with toys and activity items to keep your cat occupied?
  • Will the area be shared with other cats? If so, how many will there be at one time? Exercising cats in play areas is often just one cat at a time because most cats don’t like hanging out with other cats they don’t know.
  • Some catteries charge extra for play time – make sure you consider this when booking.

4. Diet and Food Hygiene

  • What food does the boarding facility feeds its guests?  If you prefer your cat to be fed its own diet, we suggest you bring some of their  food and feeding instructions when your drop off your cat.
  • How often your pet will be fed and when?
  • Is there fresh water accessible in the enclosures?
  • Are spaces clean and hygienic.

5. Daily routine & behaviour management

  • What will your pet’s daily schedule be with regards to exercise breaks, interaction, feeding etc?
  • Give the staff any tips on managing stress for your cat.
  • Do they have webcams? Cats in the City has dedicated ‘kitty cams’, which allow you to see your pet from anywhere with internet access.

To find out about Vetwest’s luxury cat boarding facility in South Perth visit our Cats in the City page here.

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