We understand that leaving your pet while you’re away can be a stressful time for both you and your cat, so what does a day in the life of a cat in Wanneroo’s luxury cat boarding facility, Cats in the City actually look like?
This is Socrates, an 18-month-old Maine Coone and is one of Vetwest Wanneroo’s patients who has enjoyed spending some time in Cats in the City over the past year. Being a Maine Coone, Socrates is a big cat, weighing in at 8 kg! Whenever Socrates comes to stay his parents book him into our largest, multi-storey, deluxe condo, where there is plenty of room for him to spread out when he is enjoying his afternoon snooze, or when rolling around looking for pats from our nurses. We also have standard and premium condos available to suit the needs of your cat and budget.

Socrates loves spending time each day out of his condo in our kitty play area which is designed to ensure that he has room to stretch his legs, play, use the scratching post or just snooze on the chair. Every morning he waits eagerly for his turn in the play area where his favourite place is on top of the scratching post (even if we’re not sure he quite fits as well as he thinks!). We make sure that all of our kitty guests have ample time in the play area throughout their stay.

When it comes to mealtimes, we will supply Royal Canin biscuits throughout each cat’s stay; however if your pet is on a custom diet, like Socrates, you are more than welcome to bring this along and we will happily feed this instead. If your cat is on medication we can accommodate many of these too, just give us a call beforehand to discuss.

Our priority is to make our cats stay as stress-free as possible. Our condos are designed so that they all face away from each other, so they can’t see other cats. All size condos have a separate area where our shy cats, in particular, can hide away while they get used to their new home. Prior to our guests’ arrival, we use Feliway spray in each condo and have Feliway diffusers throughout the cattery which emit a natural pheromone to help comfort and reassure cats and kittens and reduce signs of stress. We also have a team of Cats in the City animal attendants who are dedicated to ensuring that your cat’s comfort is a priority and you will always find them in there giving cuddles or spending time playing with each cat so their stay is as positive as possible. Socrates is one of our guests who loves nothing more than lapping up cuddle time from our team.

For cats staying for longer periods of time, we will make sure to send regular updates and photos of your cat enjoying their stay (although some can be a little camera shy) to help give you peace of mind while you enjoy your time away.

If you would like to take a tour of Cats in the City just give our team a call on 9404 1178 and we can organise a time or enquire here for more information.

Find out more about Cats in the City in Wanneroo and South Perth here

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