Boyden The Survivor

Boyden the 10-year-old Maltese cross presented to Vetwest Canning Vale after being the victim of a horrific dog attack. It was clear that this was a serious attack, he had multiple traumatic bite wounds around his neck and had lost a considerable amount of blood. He was incredibly lucky to be alive!

Thankfully, his lovely owner, brought him straight down to the clinic so our team could treat him. When the vet examined him, it was uncertain to the degree of damage under Boyden’s skin and it was decided that he would need emergency surgery. After medications, including pain relief and IV fluids, our vets performed major surgery to explore and repair the wounds around Boyden’s neck.

The surgery went well and all wounds were repaired, stitched up and bandaged. Boyden was taken home by his mum, with medication and pain relief. Due to the location of Boyden’s neck wound, he was unable to wear an Elizabethan collar, instead, he got to wear a lovely jumper during his recovery to stop him from scratching at his wounds.

We saw Boyden for regular rechecks during his recovery and thanks to his mum, taking such amazing care of him, his wound healed very nicely. Boyden handled the surgery and recovery so well! He remained happy within himself, except maybe just a little sooky he couldn’t go out for his regular walks.

We’re so happy our special patient Boyden has made such a speedy recovery!

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