Canine Parvovirus Alert Armadale Region

Canine Parvovirus – Alert


We would like to make everyone aware that the Armadale region of Perth is currently experiencing a higher level of Canine Parvovirus cases than normal. 

Canine parvovirus is a disease that can affect dogs of all ages, however, young puppies and unvaccinated dogs are most susceptible to infection and life-threatening consequences. Your dog can acquire the infection from their backyard surroundings, with the virus lasting up to 12 months in the environment. Common signs of parvovirus infection include vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy and inappetence. Many dogs die within days of contacting the virus or have to be euthanased as a result.

The most effective way of preventing your dog getting Parvovirus is to make sure his vaccinations are up-to-date. At Vetwest, we use a vaccination course for puppies that can be finished as early as 10 weeks of age, to give them maximum protection early on in life. Adult dogs should have a booster every year, to ensure adequate protection.

If your adult dog is overdue for their annual vaccination, please ring your vet as soon as possible to get their immunisations up to date. Although vaccinations are not 100% protective, it is the most effective means of preventing disease. Failing to vaccinate against this disease is the leading cause of preventable death from parvovirus disease in dogs.

If your dog is showing any of the above signs that may indicate infection, please take them to your vet as soon as possible.

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