In our quest to provide you with the best service and veterinary care for your furry family members we have implemented a new client feedback program.

The goal of this program is to gain important feedback from you, our valued clients so that we can continue to improve our service and care that we provide. It is crucial that we get regular feedback about how we’re doing so we can ensure we are providing a high-quality level of service that we are proud of and that is giving you a 5-star experience at the vet.

How does it work?

After your consultation at Vetwest, we’ll automatically send you an email and SMS asking to you to complete a very quick survey about your recent visit and you’ll also be invited to leave a Google review if you’d like to. The survey only takes about 2 minutes, it’s very quick and easy!

If you’re not fully satisfied with your visit there is an option to contact us directly so we can discuss your feedback and try and make it right with you. This feedback goes directly to your clinic’s practice manager, so we encourage you to use it if you’ve had a less than positive experience with us.

We’ll only send you a maximum of one survey every 6 months, so don’t worry you won’t hear from us often. Not every visit to Vetwest will generate a survey, only if you book a consultation with one of our vets.

Want to provide feedback to us?

If you’d like to provide feedback to us, there are a few options:

1) Wait for your email and SMS from Bird Eye after your consultation visit at Vetwest (Note – not all visits will send you a survey)
2) Fill out the contact form on our contact page here
3) Call your local clinic and ask to talk to the Practice Manager or Head Nurse
4) Had a great experience with us and want to tell others? Leave a Google review!
5) Didn’t receive the service you were expecting? Please contact us directly
6) Or feel free to send us a message or recommend us on Facebook

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