Dog Training Graduates - June 2019

Meet our newest Dog Training graduates!


These well-behaved pups have passed their Vetwest Dog Training course with flying colours! Amongst other important skills, they have learned to sit, drop, stay, walk on a loose lead and to come back when they are called. Dog to dog socialisation is an important part of the course and they are now ready to venture out to the park for a day of fun!

Gracie’s Mum told us that the training was fantastic and Gracie now comes when asked and walks to heel, making their outings full of fun and much less stressful.

Is taking your dog for a walk stressful? Are they destroying your home? Or jumping up on you and your guests? The Vetwest Dog Trainers are here to help! Vetwest Dog Training uses effective reward-based training to assist you and your dog with their behavioural issues.

To find out how to enrol call us on 9404 1134 or visit the dog training page here.

I'm a well behaved dog!
I graduated!

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