Don't Touch My Nails!

Fang used to be a sensitive soul who really hated his paws and nails being touched! Every time our team at Vetwest Armadale-Byford would try and clip his nails, even being as gentle and reassuring as we could, it would send Fang into a very fearful state. Fang would get so upset that he would start lashing out at our nurses trying to bite them and it quickly became a very stressful experience for poor Fang and his owners.

We realised that this approach was not going to work so proposed to Fang's owners that we take a different approach. A method that wouldn't be quick or easy, but over some time could see some great results with Fang.

The process started with a desensitization consultation with our head nurse Rachel. This involved changing Fang's association with his paws and nails being handled into an extremely positive one! We do this with lots of treats and lots of praise moving at a pace that Fang was comfortable with. Fang's mum Tamara, was fully committed to this positive process and was prepared to continue the positive work at home to fast-track the process with Fang.

Every two weeks, Fang came back to the clinic to see us for more desensitizing consults and it was working, Fang began to make a remarkable change. With lots of love and patience, Fang started to allow us to clip his nails.

One year on Fang now allows us to clip his nails without any fuss. This is not only due to the patience of the wonderful nurses at our clinic but more to the diligence of Fang's wonderful Mum Tamara. By doing all the hard work at home Fang has done a total 180 in his behaviour and the outcome is wonderful (his nails are looking fabulous).

Vetwest is proud to offer nail clipping as a complimentary service for well-behaved pets at all of our hospitals. If your pet becomes overly stressed or aggressive when trying to cut their nails we may not be able to offer this service for free. We are happy to work with you to develop a plan where we can hopefully reach a positive outcome, such as with Fang.

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