Finding Dory


We recently helped to reunite Dory with her family who had been missing for nearly 3 years. Dory may have forgotten how to get home but luckily her microchip holds all the information we need to get her back to her family! Dory’s mum Anne shares her story about how Dory is settling back into home and how the family are so happy to have her back!

Another reminder why microchips are so important and can bring our beloved companions back into our lives when it seems like all other hope is lost.

"Hi Vicki,

Dory has settled back in like she never left. We are truly grateful that you contacted us. Thank you again.

She knows her name when we call her and she is rubbing herself up against us. At night she is bed hopping with all of us so I think she is getting used to our smells again. She does wander around a bit from room to room so I think she is possibly looking for her ‘extended/other’ family. She has not cried or tried to get out and she is eating and pooing well, so I am sure she is more than comfortable here. I have not had an opportunity to ring and speak to Kelly yet but I will try and do so very soon.


I have attached a few pictures.

I found my original Facebook post from when Dory went missing. It was dated 20 November 2014. I reposted that she was now found and was reunited with us and as you can see from the screenshots attached we have had quite an overwhelming response of well wishes. 837 likes, 23 shares and 145 comments. There are some beautiful comments in the Facebook thread. I should have said something about the microchipping in the post but I just forgot. If it wasn’t for the microchip she would never have made it home.

Again, thank you to the wonderful team at Vetwest Ballajura xx

Kindest Regards,

Anne Fuller"



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