Gnarla's fractured Tibia

Meet Gnarla, an 8-month-old Jack Russell cross puppy who somehow found herself lost on the streets. She was collected by the rangers and brought into us at Vetwest South Perth for a check over, as she was limping on one of her legs.

Our vets carried out X-rays which showed a nasty fracture in her right tibia, so she had a temporary cast placed and was started on pain relief while we waited to see if her owner would come forward. When no owner came forward for poor Gnarla, the rangers surrendered her into our care so that we could fix her up and find her a home!

Because the fracture in her leg was quite a complex one, the surgery required some planning, and the efforts of the whole team to pull off. So on a Saturday morning, the volunteers took Gnarla to surgery, where they spent several hours putting her back together again. Using a device called an external fixator, several pins were drills through the top and bottom parts of her leg, with a supporting beam to hold them together. Gnarla recovered from surgery very well and spent the next week at one of our vets houses “resting” (no one taught Gnarla that word), before being taken in by the wonderful volunteers at SAFE Perth.

Gnarla came in last week for her review, and the fracture had healed beautifully. She had her external fixator removed, was speyed, and now she is waiting patiently to be adopted!

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