Jessie - On The Road To Recovery

Jessie is a 5 year old cat who is one very lucky boy.  His recent adventure began at the emergency department at Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital (MUVH) one morning where a good samaritan had taken him after he was unfortunately hit by a car. Jessie had multiple injuries of his head and skull, as well as a wound on his right foreleg. Luckily for him, Jessie was microchipped and his family were able to be contacted straight away to advise of his location and condition. The veterinary team at MUVH stabilised him and performed several imaging tests to help them assess his injuries.  Jessie was found to have a fractured right elbow and the decision was made for Jessie to undergo an amputation.

The clinicians at Murdoch liaised with the team at Vetwest Canning Vale and he was transferred to Vetwest to have the surgery performed and also for his ongoing care. This included continuing his pain relief and regular application of a lubricant to his right eye to keep it moist, as he had lost his ability to blink in that eye due to neurological trauma caused by the impact. Dr Fiona also identified a corneal ulcer in this eye using a special stain and started Jessie on an antibiotic eye drop.

The following day, Jessie was scheduled to have his amputation surgery. Dr Ruth conducted a pre-anaesthetic blood test to check that he had sufficient red and white blood cells, as well as to check for signs of kidney or liver dysfunction that may have resulted from the trauma of being hit by the car. His blood test results were satisfactory and our vets were happy to proceed with surgery.

Dr Ruth along with Dr Marilyn performed the surgery and Jessie’s right foreleg was amputated mid-humerus (the long bone in the upper leg). Jessie received both pain relief and antibiotics before, during and after surgery to keep him comfortable and to keep infection at bay.

He recovered very well following surgery and was even able to be discharged later that day to his very relieved family! Jessie is still in the early stages of recovery but is already appearing to adapt well to getting around on three legs instead of four. He has hopefully given up on future plans of adventuring! The Canning Vale team and Jessie’s owners are thankful that he was microchipped and that he was able to be reunited with his family. He has been a superstar while he has been with us and we look forward to watching him complete his recovery.

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