Lucy the Joey Gets a Second Chance


One of our nurses from Vetwest Armadale-Byford recently helped rescue a poor joey from her mother's pouch after she had been hit by a car. Due to the nurse's quick thinking, she checked the pouch of the mother and the Joey, who is now known as Lucy, was able to be safely removed from the pouch.

Little Lucy was then brought back to the Vetwest Armadale-Byford hospital where she was given a full veterinary examination and luckily given the all-clear. However as Lucy was still in shock, we concentrated on warming her up to keep her stable and healthy, and keep her comfortable. Once we were happy with lucy's condition and her body temperature, we arranged for a carer from the Darling Range Shelter to pick her up and look after her.

Unfortunately, many Kangaroo's are involved in road accidents so it is important to always check their pouches for joeys incase of an incident similar to Lucy's. If there is a joey in the pouch, the joey must not be pulled from the teat instead, the teat must be cut off to prevent any injuries to the joey. The Joey must then be kept warm until you get them to a vet or wildlife shelter.


If you find an injured kangaroo on the road, or would like any advice regarding injured or deceased wildlife, please call Wildcare on 9474 9055 or Darling Range Wildlife Shelter on 9394 0885.

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