Marley and the car


Marley is a 1 year old domestic short haired cat who was recently rushed into Vetwest Ballajura after having been hit by a car. Understandably a very distressing situation, however, the team of vets and nurses at Ballajura jumped straight into action and started an emergency triage (the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of patients or casualties) on little Marley.

Marley was in a serious condition with severe injuries and large amounts of bleeding and swelling. After the vet Dr. Sheryl had performed her examination, it was clear Marley required emergency surgery. Even though Marley was extremely stressed and in pain, he still allowed us to investigate his injuries and we discovered that he had a broken hard palate (a thin bony plate of the skull, located in the roof of the mouth) and it had spilt longitudinally! We needed to take action straight away.

With consent from his owners, we started to prepare Marley for his reconstruction surgery. We had to surgically repair his hard palette with wire.

Dr. Ben successfully performed Marley’s procedure and after spending two nights in hospital he was discharged to go home. Marley’s owners have to syringe feed him until he will be able to eat on his own again.

Marley was very brave throughout the whole ordeal. He didn’t stop smooching all the nurses throughout his hospital stay and enjoyed all the attention he could get. Marley isn’t out of the woods just yet, in 6 weeks time, he will need to come back for another surgery to remove the wire in his jaw and then he will be back to normal. We hope young Marley has learned his lesson about the danger of cars.




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