Microchip Reunites Stray Cat After 6 Weeks


We have a lot of stray cats handed into us at Vetwest. A kind lady recently brought in a stray cat to Vetwest Armadale Byford wanting to check her for a microchip as she had noticed her wandering around the neighbourhood for the past six weeks.

One of our nurses scanned the cat for a microchip and we were very happy to find out that she did in fact, have a microchip. However once we brought up the records of the microchip none of the phone numbers were current and we weren't able to get in touch with the owner.

We contacted the local ranger and gave them the microchip number and the owners name in the hopes that they would have the current details. We were very lucky and the ranger was able to get in touch with the current owners of our stray cat. We were able to get in contact the owner who was over the moon that we had her cat after being missing for six weeks. She very happily picked up her cat that she had been so very worried about and missing so much the next day.

Microchips are extremely important when trying to reunite missing pets with their owners. Unfortunately, if a pet has no microchip and goes missing, we do struggle to reunite them with their owner.

It's a great reminder to make sure your pets have microchips and that the contact details are up to date on them. It is required by law that your cat or dog have a microchip.

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