Oreo's Puppy Play Pickle

Oreo is a beautiful 14 week old cavoodle puppy who presented to us five weeks ago after suddenly developing a mild limp on her left hind leg. Oreo had been playing boisterously with her fluffy sibling at home when the discomfort developed. When she was first examined, Oreo didn’t enjoy her left ankle being palpated, however, was otherwise in excellent health and very happy to be at the vet! After receiving an anti-inflammatory pain relief injection and resting for 24 hours, Oreo was still limping a little and so returned for a revisit two days later. Due to the lack of improvement, diagnostic imaging was recommended to investigate further and Oreo was admitted to hospital for sedation and x-rays of her sore leg.

The x-rays revealed that Oreo had sustained a very small fracture to her left malleolus, one of the many small bones that make up the ankle joint. Due to her young age and excellent healing capacity, it was decided that we would try to manage the fracture by bandaging the affected leg, and strictly resting Oreo for the next 5 - 6 weeks to allow the fractured bone time to heal. Oreo also continued to receive pain relief in order to keep her comfortable during this period. Since performing the x-rays, Oreo has been a regular visitor to the hospital, returning approximately every 4 days for bandage changes (and cuddles). Given that holding still for even two minutes would be considered challenging for most puppies of her age, all of the staff have been incredibly impressed with Oreo’s ability to contain her happy wriggling for the 15-20 mins required to change her bandage each visit! Oreo’s owners have also been very dedicated to her at home care, ensuring that she has been strictly rested in her crate at all times, apart from when she is being safely cuddled by her family, or going on brief trips outside to go to the toilet.

Oreo is due to have repeat x-rays performed at the end of this week to reassess her fracture, which we are hoping will be almost healed by this time. If this is the case, then Oreo will be able to gradually return to her normal active lifestyle. We are sure she can’t wait to play with her friends again, although hopefully, she will manage to avoid any further accidents in the future!

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