Simparica Trio®

If you’re a dog person, you want the protection that matters.

When it comes to harmful and deadly parasites, prevention is important to safeguard your dog from disease as well as helping to protect your family’s health. Parasites such as fleas, ticks, intestinal worms and heartworm can cause diseases, making your dog sick, and some can even be deadly. Some of these diseases can also be transmitted to other members of the family especially young children.

There are two parasites of most concern in Australia due to their potentially deadly outcomes for your dog, they are heartworm and paralysis ticks.  For the best protection for Australian dogs, it's paramount that you’ve got them covered.

Nothing gives better protection from both deadly heartworm and paralysis ticks than Simparica Trio®1,2

Just one bite from a mosquito could lead to deadly heartworm disease, that’s why year-round prevention of heartworm is vital for all dogs in Australia.

Mosquitoes can spread heartworm larvae from infected dogs to other dogs in the community. Once in the bloodstream, the larvae mature into adult worms which can cause deadly lung disease and heart failure. 

Simparica Trio® has been proven to kill 100% of deadly heartworm, even in high-risk areas of Australia.1, 3, 4

Paralysis ticks
The tick of greatest concern in Australia is the paralysis tick. These ticks when attached to your dog inject a toxin causing deadly paralysis.  Paralysis ticks harm thousands of dogs in Australia each year. Ticks can also cause irritation or damage to the skin.

Simparica Trio® kills paralysis ticks fast and lasts for 35 days.

Fast and effective protection
Simparica Trio® is more than just protection from deadly heartworm and paralysis ticks:

  • Fleas
  • Heartworm
  • Ticks – paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks and Bush ticks
  • Intestinal worms
Dogs love the taste of Simparica Trio®, in fact, we’re so confident they’ll love it we guarantee it.  If your dog doesn’t love the taste you can return the pack for a refund (See Terms and Conditions).

There’s a Simparica Trio® for every dog.


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For peace of mind, you can get Simparica Trio sent to your door when your pooch is due each month with our Total Wellness Plan. To find out more click here.


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