Slimmer of the Month - Cadee

Cadee, a 6 year old Labradoodle originally visited Vetwest Whitfords for her regular health check up and vaccination. However her owner Karen was concerned that she seemed to be slowing down and was often limping on one of her hindlegs.


On examination Dr Zelda van der Merwe found that Cadee had pain on extension of her hip which could indicate arthritis. She was placed on a course of pentosan injections to help the arthritis but as Cadee was also overweight, a weight loss program was recommended at the same time. As with people, if dogs are carrying additional weight it places more pressure on their joints and can exacerbate the symptoms of any arthritic conditions.

Cadee visited one of the nurses at Whitfords for her free weight clinic. As part of her weight loss plan she was placed on a special diet as well as given an exercise plan. She came in every two weeks for a free check up so we could follow her progress and ensure she was losing weight.

Cadee’s starting weight was 29.66kg at the time of her check up and vaccination. She has now reached her target weight of 22kg which is a fantastic loss of 7.66kg over a period of about 8 months.

Cadee is happier and healthier and although she still has days where she shows stiffness, she is far more comfortable. 

Does your pet need help losing weight?

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