Tazzi is a 4 year old black Poodle cross who has been coming to Vetwest since she was a puppy. Over the years her weight has gradully been increasing and this was also noticed by Natalie, one of the senior vet nurses at Vetwest Currambine who was seeing Tazzie quite frequently for anal gland expression. Natalie has had many success stories in helping her patients start on an easy to follow Weight Loss program and Tazzi’s owner, Julie, agreed that it was time to take action.

Natalie scheduled an appointment with Tazzi and Julie for a free Vetwest Weight Clinic consultation. This very important initial consultation takes 30 minutes as it is a comprehensive process that helps both the owner and the nurse to understand why Tazzi may be gaining weight and what measures need to be put in place to ensure Tazzi’s weight loss program is going to be a success.

The information recorded for Tazzi included the following:


Date: 16th August 2012
Starting weight: 15.7 kg
Desired weight reduction: 15% loss
Target Weight: 13 kg
Time frame to achieve target weight: 12 weeks
Waist Measurement: 52.5 cm
Daily calorie allowance: 452 kcal
Food chosen for Tazzi that will achieve this allowance: Royal Canin K9 Obesity biscuits 118g per day divided into two meals

By feeding a completely balanced diet that is designed to help pets lose weight, Tazzi’s owners had peace of mind in knowing that she was on a safe weight loss program and was not being deprived of anything.

Tazz and her owner Julie visited the hospital regularly for free fortnightly weigh in consultations with Natalie to make sure Tazzi stayed on track with the program. And at the end of her weight loss program, Tazzi had successfully achieved her target weight. (She actually over achieved her target weight!)

The success is seen in the photos below and also in Tazzi herself – she has more energy, her coat and eyes are brighter and she is behaving like a young dog again! (I.e. acting her age and with less anal gland problems)


Date: 20th December, 2012
Weight: 12.4 kg
Waist measurement: 38.8 cm

Thanks to Tazzi’s owners’ commitment to the program, Tazzi is now living and loving life to the fullest. And her weight is now being maintained by feeding a diet designed to maintain her current weight (Royal Canin K9 Weight Control diet).

Our Vetwest Weight Loss Clinic is a free service, designed to provide owners with a structured weight loss program for their pet, which clearly outlines the diet and exercise requirements to help achieve your pet’s weight loss goal. Click here for more information about our Weight Loss Clinic.

If Tazzi can do it, so can your dog or cat!

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