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Penny laycock - practice team leader - Vetwest canning vale

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Why did you become a Veterinary Nurse?

A I have a lifelong love of all animals, especially cats! My mum would say that it was a natural progression given my infatuation with them, but truthfully, I only really decided to become a vet nurse after watching "Animal Hospital" on tv as a teenager. 

What opportunities has it brought you and where has it taken you? 

After nursing in Perth for a couple of years, I travelled to the UK in 2005 with my now husband. Working as a locum nurse meant that I was able to work in clinics that offered a variety of services, and got exposed to so many species that we don't have in Australia. I worked for a time at the RSCPA in Birmingham which was an extremely busy 24 hour clinic, and that was where I really discovered my love of medical nursing. We spent 18 months there before returning to Perth, where I was offered a position with Vetwest at our Canning Vale clinic. I then became Head Nurse, and as of December, Practice Team Leader.

What else would you like to do in the future? 

I am looking forward to working with my team here at Canning Vale to provide the highest in patient care. I work with some very passionate vets and nurses, and we were proud to become ASAVA (Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association) hospital accredited last year, so that's something we are constantly striving to maintain.

What is the most memorable experience you have had at work? 

A very memorable moment was the day that I had to admit a beaver into hospital, which had escaped from a wildlife park in the UK. A member of the public found him walking along the street so popped him on a leash and walked him in to the clinic. He was a great chap, we were sad when he was collected by his very relieved handlers. 

What do you love most about your job?

I get the most enjoyment from caring for our patients, so I would have to say that nursing a critical patient in hospital and seeing it respond to the care and medical treatment that we give it. I love that vet nurses are becoming more recognised for the role they play in patient care, it's an extremely rewarding job.

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