The big boy Hudson


Hudson is a four year old English Mastiff that we recently had in at Vetwest Ellenbrook for a Dental scale and Polish.

His owners were a little nervous when booking him in as they were not sure how he would cope being in hospital and how we would be able to move him due to his size!

On the day of Hudson's dental, we talked with the client how we would move him and showed them around the clinic and where Hudson would be staying. Once the owner's minds were at ease they left their beautiful boy with us for the day.

Hudson was perfectly behaved and he sat patiently in his kennel for his procedure. It was all hands on deck at Vetwest Ellenbrook once he was anaesthetised.  It took 3 nurses and a vet to stretcher him onto 2 tables joined together and he only just fit onto the tables. Hudson's dental procedure went very smoothly and he recovered nicely.


This big beautiful boy's sheer size meant that a lot of careful planning and thought went into how we could best care for him. His gentle nature made it that little bit easier.

He was definitely one of our most exciting patients to have in hospital and his owners are such responsible and understanding people. We cant wait to see Hudson when he comes back to visit!

Hudson's owners have build a special ramp that folds out of the back of their SUV so that he can walk up into the back of the car! What a lucky boy.

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