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Meet our Total Wellness Plan Member of the month Coco. "Coco is a snuggle monster who is happiest when she is snuggled up warm and cosy somewhere and that usually means anywhere other than her bed and normally something that belongs to our daughter Ella! She loves Ella's pram, stole her rocker (which Ella didn't like anyway, so became Coco's actual bed for a while) and if we let her, would live in Ella's bed! Her favourite toy is a rolled up ball of aluminium foil (so easily pleased!) and whilst nervy around new people, she loves her family and is a regular on our knees at the end of the day."



Are you a Total Wellness Plan Member? send your photo....

Coco is our June Total Wellness Plan Member of the month. If you are a Total Wellness Plan member we would love to see one of your favourite pet photos. We'll feature your photos on our member board at and you may even be our next member of the month. Just send* your photo to


 * Please note: - by sending your photo to Vetwest Animal Hospitals using the email address noted above, you are giving us express permission to publish your photo on our website. 

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